Happy Wednesday! Happy Hump Day! Or whatever….

As you know or maybe not, May is Allergy/Asthma Awareness Month.  Even though it is almost over, I still want to share my experience with allergies since this is lifelong.  My mother and sister both have allergies to the extent of taking Zyrtec/Claritin to ease the symptoms.  I never experienced seasonal allergies until I gave birth to Ashton (Oh how our bodies change when we have a baby. LOL).

Ashton was 18 months old when he started experiencing seasonal allergies.  We would take him outside and allow him to play and he would begin to develop a runny nose and watery eyes.  I thought to myself “Is he coming down with a cold, we only been outside 10 minutes?!” Low and behold, his father decided Ashton needs to see an allergist.  Did I mention Ashton has a mild case of Eczema? So when the runny nose, watery eyes started, the itching and flareups began as well.  Can my baby get a break?

First round of allergy tests was in 2015 (Yes, we went again)…results: bermuda grass, oakwood trees (that is our whole front and backyard 😫).  The process of the allergy testing was stressful for not just me but for Ashton. Shirt off, lay on stomach, 22 scratches, pinning him down (he wasn’t for it), and crying session during and after the testing.  I prayed we never had to do this again, but we did in April 2017.

We gave him for the first time EVER a walnut, oatmeal, raisin cookie: Ashton grabs throat after one bite—-swollen to where he couldn’t see.  Took him to the ER, where they said to give him Benadryl. Benadryl!? WTF!? I need you to tell me what is going on? We were able to get an emergency appointment with an allergist and low and behold: WALNUTS AND HAZELNUTS (TREE NUT ALLERGY)! EPI-PEN JR! ANAPHYLAXIS! ER ACTION PLAN! MOMMY A MESS! DADDY ACTING COOL!

He is only 3!

Now with this new information, his father and I, as well as, grandparents make sure he can’t reach any tree nuts (my mother loves walnuts and where she used to keep them, he can reach them) and look at every single food label for tree nut warnings and ingredients.

The Epi-pen scares the mess out of me because I can’t see myself jabbing him in the thigh, but then again, I will because his life is in jeopardy and that’s my heart.

Good night.





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