Mommy Saturday: Oh Goodness: HOT!

Happy Saturday!

Let me tell you here in North Florida it was hot! 93 degrees, heat index of 103 degrees HOT! My child Ashton wanted to go outside on the deck first thing this morning after his typical morning routine.  He was up at 9am and we were outside by 10:30a.  He had the fascination with catching a grasshopper and pretty much followed this poor creature around for 25 minutes, until, he couldn’t get near him.  Grasshopper must have said “NOT TODAY!”  This comment made by Ashton let me know it was hot and he was over it:

Ashton: Mommy?
Me: Yes baby.
Ashton: I want to go inside now.
Me: (looks stunned)…Why?
Ashton: It’s too hot outside and I’m itchy.
Me: Ok, let’s go in.

Ashton suffers from Eczema and does begin to itch when it is hot outside, but he usually plays through it and has a meltdown when I try to bring him in.  This was not the case, this little boy of mine wanted to go in and headed straight to the door.

Later on, we decided just to relax around the house and took him to the park around 5:30pm when it decided to cool down.

Simple Day with my Boogie, Ashton!

Every one have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Hugs and Cuddles!
Amber and Ashton


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