Mommy Sunday: Co-Parenting 

Happy Sunday!

Today really didn’t feel like Sunday though. I guess because I don’t have to work tomorrow due to Memorial Day weekend!

Co-parenting, co-parenting, co-parenting!!! Co-parenting with an ex can send you in to a wave of emotions. You already are not with the person for a reason and now you still have to communicate with the person because you have a child together. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! 

Ashton is blessed to have a father who wants to be in his life and has been consistent since day 1. Ashton literally sees his father everyday, as well, multiple overnights a couple of days out of the week.  I miss him when he is away but he is getting the benefit of being with both parents.  At first, I was that BABY MAMA, who didn’t want Ashton to have overnights because I was being selfish but I thought to myself “What is in the best interest of Ashton?” He needs his father. PERIOD. NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

I must admit his father and I have different parenting styles but for the most part he pretty laid back in allowing me to choose the doctors and schools but we make the medical and educational decisions together.

CO-parenting is not easy, just like a marriage, you both have to work at it to be successful and agree on what’s right for your child or children.  You will have your emotions on dealing with situations but is it for selfish purpose or really benefiting your child’s life.  

If the situation is life-threatening or dangerous then remove yourself and children from the situation immediately. By no means, do not ever risk your safety or your childrens safety to be with a man/woman.  

Co-parenting is a challenge but at the end of the day remember YOU CHOSE this person to be your child’s parent now you have a duty to ensure they have a safe, loving, nurturing relationship with the other parent. ALL SITUATIONS are different. Do what is best for YOUR family!

Good night!

Amber and Ashton



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