Mommy Thursday: Happy June!

Oh June, how I have waited for you.  You bring me such happiness today. You have brought me so much happiness today.


  • I spend more quality time with Ashton this summer before August.
  • You brought me the last day of school.
  • You brought me more flexible work hours during the summer.
  • Beach, Beach, Beach!!!
  • Did I mention I will be able to spend more time with Ashton? YAY!!!
  • The days will be endless! (Well…Ill rethink that later)

I always look forward to the summer because my career as an assistant principal and being a single mother finally aligns in a more comfortable and less stressful way for a few months.  Toddlers are demanding little humans who need a lot of nurturing and they have their own way of communicating their needs.  Sometimes finding the balance is a struggle and with the last day of school tomorrow, I feel so energetic and so excited about the adventures Ashton and I will be experiencing this summer.

Have a wonderful Thursday evening!
Amber and Ashton







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