Mommy Sunday: Me, Myself, and I time! (Photos)

Happy Sunday!

Ashton left with his father for a few days yesterday morning (Saturday) and I am finding myself…well…Bored!  What is a mother to do? Time to take care of yourself, MOMMA! Take full advantage! Yes! Once you become a mother, your well-being evolves around your child or children but in the midst of it all, we forget about ourselves at times.  This is part of finding the balance within your motherhood…

It is good to separate yourself from being a mother because you were a person before you became a mother, you are now just a person who birthed another person which came along with A LOT of responsibilities. So there is nothing wrong with carving out time for yourself and enjoying what you love to do.

Yesterday, I was just out right lazy.  I did nothing literally after Ashton went with his dad. Took a shower, made breakfast, watched the movie GET OUT (which was awesome!), then watched the Law and Order: SVU Marathon.  Peaceful.


This morning, I woke up and went to the gym, which was non-existent and not even on the brain for almost two weeks. Did I mention consistency is a flaw I am trying to work on? As a mother, I have the consistency regarding Ashton, but for me, A FLAW.


The photo below is the calories I burned so far during the cool down period. After 45 minutes, I was so ready to leave the gym but I felt much better.  I burned a total of 423 calories from start to finish.


Sunday’s Agenda –> Gym: complete, Shower: complete, Smoothie: In Progress, Twilight Marathon: All day.

Always make time to take care of yourself MAMA!

Have Sunday!




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