Blurred Lines: Grandparents

Happy Saturday!

Grandparents are such a blessing and I have been extremely blessed with such a supportive parents to help me with my little.  But what do you do when the lines are blurred between your parenting and your parents’ parenting of your child(ren)? Depending on the person, this can be an easy fix or this can be challenge because how can you confront the people who have helped you?  It’s frustrating at times.  I have sat them down and let them know how I felt about them disregarding my decisions regarding Ashton sometimes.  I know they mean no harm at all but I want them to respect me as a parent.  I always ask them for guidance and the way they parented (if that is a word) my sister and I has transferred to Ashton but if my decision doesn’t align with their vision then the lines get very blurry.

Have you had conversations with your child’s grandparents when lines become blurry? How was the experience?

Good night!
Amber and Ashton


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