20 facts about ME!

Hi! Well it has been a little over week since my last post and work has just gotten in the way. LOL.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

  1. Born in Charleston, South Carolina
  2. Raised in Jacksonville, Florida (still here)
  3. Military brat who did not move (Mom and dad conceived me while they were stationed in Michigan in 1981), born in South Carolina, 1982, dad got orders to Jacksonville and we moved to Jacksonville in 1983, when I was 6 months and I have been here ever since. My dad did all the moving. He would come to Florida and vice versa.
  4. Became a mommy in 2013 to Ashton at age of 31.
  5. Earned a Bachelors (Criminal Justice) and two Masters (Criminal Justice and Educational Leadership).
  6. Owner of Online Business, Cuddle Ace, a toddle tee line.
  7. I enjoy shooting guns (Father was a weapons officer).
  8. Hate waking up early.
  9. Love eating eggs.
  10. Have 1 sister who is 4 years younger but where ever we go, we get the “Are you twins?” question.
  11. Only learned to cook when Ashton was out of “jar” foods.
  12. Experiencing baby fever since having Ashton and it has not gone away yet!!!
  13. Assistant Principal of an elementary school
  14. Love naps
  15. First boyfriend at 18 (was not allowed to date until I graduated from high school).  I could have been in class with my future husband. Well that ship sailed!
  16. Had a curfew until I was 25 ( yes, I had a curfew, 1:00am).  My parents motto: The only thing open after 1:00a was legs..Old school folks I have
  17. Indecisive at times and especially when my folks give their two cents
  18. Consistent at being Inconsistent (working on it!)
  19. Zodiac: Leo
  20. Favorite childhood memory: 3rd grade (8 years old), sleeping in bed about to wake up for school and mom comes and tells us there wouldn’t be school due to the storm. This is one of many childhood memories.

Have a wonderful evening!
Ashton and Amber



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