My Fitness Journey: Part 1

Healthy eating! Healthy body! Healthy mind! That is all I want and I have been struggling so much with it.  Before my son, I never had a care in the world about my body.  I was content, I wore a size 4 and had a flat tummy and I was happy.  Then came my pregnancy journey and the delivery of my son.  But Jesus! Who knew that your body changes so much and if you didn’t care of body pre-pregnancy, then losing the weight can be a challenge.

So at the beginning of summer 2017, I decided to make a consistent change. Yes, I said a consistent change, I hope that made sense.  Oh believe me, I have tried to transition in to a healthy lifestyle plenty of times. Yes, the clean eating, working out and I never stuck with it.  Not because I didn’t see results, because I simply got tired of doing it. I got LAZY! I am actually proud of myself for actually sticking with this time. Two solid months of just cardio, now I hired a personal trainer to push me to the next level.

I am so excited to be a healthier me!

Ashton and Amber




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